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Environment Sensitivity

We all have our own responsibility to keep our environment greener. As you are aware, the " Green Movement" has been gaining importance around the world day by day. So, what is the "Green Movement"

Green Movement: It’s a fight back against the emerging venture of environmental damage that has been caused by the mankind during the past years. According to Green movement children from early age should be taught three rules to have a cleaner world and to keep the environment greener.

1. To make sure they understand the critical importance of the environment

2. To explain how to ensure the recycling of waste, and more efficient use of energy and what type of things they can do to improve the well being of our environment.

3. To make them understand that each living creature on this earth is as free as an human being and must be protected, and our children should value each of those living creatures one by one.

To achieve these goals,, each classroom is provided with different kind of environmental lessons, and projects so they can have a better idea of the above mentioned purposes of the movement.
As Kaptan Preschools we contribute and support as much as we can all the environmental projects carried out in our country or globally. To encourage our children about environmental issues, we give them certificates of achievement, badges etc. to reward their work.
Also, for different age groups, we introduce additional projects to introduce endangered species.

Of course these alone are not enough. We would strongly recommend our parents to be involved and encourage children in this environmental awareness movement.

With your support, we are trying to inspire a future generation of more sensitive and conscious people to environmental issues.