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Safety in our schools

Safety is the biggest issue that we are concerned about. The safety of our children within the school and/or outside while they are with us is set and followed by safety procedures.

From the moment your child steps into our school to the moment they are given back to you, we know that their safety is our responsibility and we act with this awareness.
Regarding this issue, all our teachers, assistant personnel, and administration are all given a written job description notice and these procedures are continuously checked.

In addition, regarding the safety of our children in which circumstances and how all staff need to act is set and known ( E.g. our children class entry and exit, stairwells, toilets, sinks, entrance to school and exit, field trips, etc.)

Our staff are aware about the possibilities of dangerous situations and they are always there to support 
the children on where to stand, and how to proceed.

As a matter of fact, the physical environment of our schools has a “child-centered” perspective

Within our buildings  each and every aspect such as furnishings, floor coverings, toys and even stationery used are choosen from "kid friendly" products and materials.

Another very important issue is the School Bus Service where the Ministry Standards are applied. Our bus drivers and the bus in service has to meet to the standards and have the equipment set by the Ministry.
In addition, our children, and our accompanying staff must comply with all the additional procedures that are set out by us and these are constantly followed up by the administration.

With our camera system that is placed within our school, families can always have access to their children while they are in school. As we aim to be the best and the most professional educators, we are proud to provide all services that proves that we take safety of our children very serious.

Within the school, or during an outside activity, our children are always accompanied and followed by their teachers/ school staff at all times.

Although we hope that we are never faced with any type of an emergency situation, all our school staff have been trained in First Aid. We make sure our staff is always up to date in their training and drills in their first aid and emergency ( fire, natural disaster, etc).
We assure you that our staff always has the knowledge to know how to act and what to do in case any of our children require assistant in any type of an emergency situation. To keep our children safe is our main priority.

Occupational Health and Safety Audit and Controls and risk analysis for the staff and our children as required by the MLSS, are monitored by Ministry approved specialist companies as a routine to make sure that everything is working properly and safely. Any issues during a risk analysis that is reported to us, will have an immediate action  taken by us to fix the problem. All suggestions, and recommendations are followed and applied immediately.

All ingredients used in our school kitchens, are choosen from well known products that are high in quality and no ready to use products are consumed. In our kitchens rules of hygiene is closely monitored at all times.

Schools in general, all  interior public areas, kitchens, classrooms, materials and toys used by children are disinfected routinely and frequently.

Thus, though the period of infection may be common, we  try to circumvent it in the healthiest way possible

It is our basic sense of security when children are being returned to their parents, we make sure each children is given to the right guardian that we have on file.
In any odd case where a parent is unable to pick up their child, we make sure we are informed  of this change in the routine and the ID of the person who is picking up the child is checked.

While your child is in our school, it is our responsibility to make sure all health concerns are taken care of.  If your child has a contagious illness, we hope that they do not return to school until they have completely recovered from their illness.  Our purpose is that, our other children who are in school do not get sick at the same time and it does not turn into a vicious circle.  We trust the judgement of the parents on these circumstances. However in any case the parent is aware of the "  "Infectious diseases of the child" we wish that the parents inform us on this situation immediately, so we can take the necessary action that we must within our school environment and inform all the parents within our group so they can prepare themselves. If there is any type of medicine a child must take at a specific time, we will make sure the child receives the care, and a record will be kept for them.

Classroom discipline within each classroom environment is limited to a small break proportional to the age only if the child harms him/her self or other children. Our aim is to always have children who are aware of ‘’rlght ‘’and ‘’wrong’’actions.