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The education system used in Kaptan Preschool, is based on the combination of Montessori ve High-Scope philosophy…

The Montessori’s principle of knowledge of the child covers monitoring of behaviour and development, self care, physical and social skill developments, and with the High-Scope approach, children learn how to plan and implement under the educators monitoring

We believe the best educational infrastructure (base?) for our children is to teach to develop an interest in learning.

According to the developmental prescriptions provided and based on monthly themes, the classroom activities and lessons are prepared by our teachers. It is aimed to implement and improve self confidence to our children within the small groups, which are individually monitored by our teachers. Our learning centers allow children the opportunity to explore, problem-solve, investigate, work together as a team, and meet with success.

Teachers and administrators spend time listening to and talking with the children, helping them reflect on their daily learning.

Learning to ask questions, relation of cause and effect and being aware of the consequences, discussing a subject or object, learning to be fair – these are some of the key stones in Kaptan Preschool’s education.